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MGF & MG TF Services

MGF & MG TF servicing, repair, maintenance & upgrade work carried out on these sportscars at our workshop, including KMAPS ECU upgrades, PSCAN diagnostic services & Hydragas suspension sphere pump ups or replacement. 

We can also arrange MOT's, tyre replacement and much more besides, so whatever your MG needs we can help you out with a friendly and knowledgable service at an affordable price   



Cigarette burn in the seat? Faded or worn leather? Scratched the alloy wheels? Shopping trolley dent? Chipped Windscreen? Whatever your problem come and see us at Autospot MG for a free quotation, and a fast and efficient repair. With prices that will please your pocket let us keep your vehicle looking smarter for longer



You don't need an MG to have reversing sensors fitted by us, available for makes and models. These are fully fitted and colour matched to your vehicle at no extra cost. If you are parking in tight spaces, reversing into your garage or simply have trouble in looking over your shoulder when reversing then these systems are a valuable addition to any vehicle



Let us treat you car with Permaseal Paint Sealant and get and great shine with protection for up to 5 years from everyday harmful elements such as, Bird Droppings, Acid Rain, Ultra Violet Rays, Oxidation, Fading and Diesel Fumes. Simply wash the dirt away and see your car shine again 



Why not drop your wheels off with us to have them powder coated, they will be dipped and stripped, repaired, powder coated and re-balanced with many colours to choose from there is bound to be one to suit you


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Autospot MG Ltd: Sponsors of Kent MGF & TF Car Club