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Whether you want a service, maintenance, repair or upgrades fitted and/or supplied, or any other work to your MGF/TF here at Autospot MG we can help you out. Being owners ourselves and sponsoring the Kent MGF/TF Car Club you can be assured your MG is in good hands with us and with competitive prices that won't break the bank.


Autospot MG recommends Mike Satur & MG Mania products -

    Fit the best & leave the rest!

Tyre changing & Wheel balancing 

With a top of the range wheel balancer and tyre changing machine Autospot MG can service your MG's tyre needs with a stock of Toyo TR1 and Falken Zeix tyres for the MGF & MG TF, of course other makes of tyres will be available on request.

Autospot MG are agents for Kmaps ECU upgrades, available for all MEMS 3 MG Rover engines.

Typical gains are for TF 115,135,160 & LE500

10% power gain

3-4 mpg improvement

Raised red line for max power through the gears

Optional exhaust crackle

Mike Satur FCCKit - Supply & Installation Service

Autospot MG are now authorised by Mike Satur to install his outstanding hydragas replacement coil over suspension kit.

This kit will totally transform the ride and handling of your MGF bringing it bang up to-date for modern roads and driving conditions. No more leaking spheres, no more regassing/pump ups, no more hard to get replacement parts, why not enjoy the ride and order your kit and installation today. (Detailed information can be found here)



ARB upgrade

If your looking to improve your suspension set up a set of thicker and stiffened ARB's will help you no end, giving you less body roll in the corners and a much more positive feel which in turn will give you a lot more confidence in the cars already great handling.

MGF/TF Clutch Slave Cylinder Support Brace

Alleviates the clutch bracket "flex" and breakage.

Get someone to depress your clutch whilst looking at the slave cylinder mount and you will see how much that it all moves.
This will, in time, lead to metal fatigue and fracture.
Also, approximately only 60% of the pedal pressure is transfered to the release arm resulting in slower gear changes and crunched gears.

This easy to fit bracket alleviates this problem by simply bracing the current set up on a third axis 


PSCAN Vehicle Diagnostics

Diagnostics for MEMS 1.6, 1.9, 2J, 3 + many more

ABS 5.0/5.3

Airbag RC5EC5

                                           Alarm/immobiliser 5AS and Pexktron SCU

                                           Power Steering MGF EPAS

                                           Plus lots more besides


Brake Upgrades/Replacement

Whether you want a complete brake system upgrade or just new discs and pads we can help you out. Our favoured upgrade is Black Diamond disc's and Predator pads, superb quality and excellent braking performance, coupled with a brake brace and S/S braided hoses will give you the ultimate MGF/TF braking system.

Gear Change Bell Crank & Rose Joints

The standard cable joint knuckles wear over time and you can sometimes find you have a floppy gearstick and one or no gears at all as the connections pop off.

Fitting this Mike Satur upgraded bell crank and rose joints will cure this problem and also tighten up the gearchange for a more positive feel 




MGF & TF Minor Service

Oil & Filter (Castrol Magnetec)

Air Filter

Fuel Filter

Spark Plugs

OAT (Antifreeze) top up

New Header Tank Cap

Grease arms

MGF & TF Oil & Filter Service


Basic Oil and filter service using 

MG Rover Filter

Castrol Magnetec Oil



                 MGF & TF Manual Gearbox Oil Service


                 Drain old oil and refill your gearbox with new

                 MTF-94 Gear Oil (75W-80).        

                 This is for the PG1 manual gearbox only and

                 does not include the automatic stepspeed box



Alloy Wheel Powder Coating


Drop your wheels with us and have them dipped, stripped, repaired, powder coated and re-balanced

with many colours to choose from

Wiper Arm Upgrade


Eventually the ball and socket connections on the wiper arm will fail just like the gearchange connections, leaving you with one or no wipers at all, This upgrade replaces the arms and connections for stainless steel and rose joints for a smooth and permenant repair.

TF Front Splitter


Does your TF wander around at speed? Do you feel like your constantly hedge diving on a spirited drive? Let Autospot MG fit a front splitter which will give you much better stability and more confidence in the car at all speeds

Cupra R or Jakabi Design


Rear Window Replacement


Need your rear plastic window replaced but don't want to upgrade to glass, we can replace it for you with either clear or green tint, professionally sewn into your existing hood and refitted with black pop rivets



Electric Boot Release Kit


No need to switch off the engine and remove the key to to open the boot anymore on your MGF or TF, with this kit you simply press a button in the cabin and the boot lid pops up. Makes life so much easier




Head Gasket Replacement


Need a replacement Head Gasket? then come and see us at Autospot MGwhere we change it for you in our workshop also replaced at the same time is your timing belt/s, tensioner & water pump, oil/filter, OAT, inlet and exhaust manifold gaskets


Cambelt and Water pump service


Cambelt service includes, Cambelt/s, Water Pump, Tensioner and OAT refil


Work undertaken in our workshop

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